Day 2 was another gorgeous day in Santa Ynez. We spent a lovely morning enjoying breakfast by the pool at Jade Creek Arabians. Cat, adventurous as always, decided to join Evergreen Arabians Breeding Manager Emily Devers for a trip to Evergreen Arabians.

Emily gave Cat a tour of the whole Evergreen property and introduced her to all the wonderful horses at the farm (and one very fat goat). Along with their incredible breeding horses, they also had a couple family friendly priced horses, which were really hard for Cat not to take home! One of the highlights of this tour was 17 year old National Champion Stallion Llewellyn Fawr. He was thoroughly enjoying his time in the huge green pasture, flanked by two yearling colts in the pasture to his left. His good time, just had to be recorded & shared…

After a brief stop to pick up Jennie, the girls headed for Mindy Peters Arabians Open House. Like Jennie, Mindy is a third generation horse breeder. “My real love is the breeding,” says Mindy Peters. “It’s part of who I am from my grandfather. It’s part of what I hold on to from him.” It was wonderful to see her collection of horses and even more impressive was to see Mindy’s daughter Kendall running around in her breeches, just itching to go ride her horse, while Mindy’s Mother and Aunt were there enjoying and assisting in the festivities.

Mindy Peters Arabians

Troy expressing his opinion of Cat’s attempts at height.

After a wonderful presentation, Troy White took a breather to mingle. Cat, however, decided to prove she could be as tall as Troy by standing on her tippy toes on a curb. It is obvious what Troy’s opinion of Cat’s attempts are. And judging by this photo the curb didn’t help Cat much!

After leaving Mindy’s, we headed to legendary local food spot, Dos Carlitos, where Anette joined us for dinner and Margaritas! We had a lovely time talking about the horses we saw and the people we met. What a great group to end the evening with!

Anette Mattsson, Jennie & Emily Devers at Dos Carlitos

Anette Mattsson, Jennie & Emily Devers at Dos Carlitos

No trip to the Santa Ynez Valley would be complete without a trip to the Maverick. It’s a local bar with lots of color and a great jukebox. Unfortunately, it also had a shuffleboard where Cat and Emily completely destroyed Jennie and Anette. This crushing defeat was lighted when the jukebox started up & the dancing began!